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Not enough pay

I understand you can build a “lifetime” sold bracket which gets you a little more $ per photo sold, but .25$ per photo is not fair by the slightest. I guess I don’t understand how one makes money on this app, by the time you take the photos, edit, upload, descriptions, keywords, releases ect, there no way to make a profit when you receive 25 cents a photo

It doesn't work

I can't sign in, i've signed in to shutterstock, but can't sign in to Shutterstock Contributor! With the same e-mail & password!!!!

Great app

This app makes it so easy to submit photos straight from my phone. I prefer the website but this app is suitable for my phone.


Not letting me sign up, gives no clickable option...

Expectations not met

Uploaded over 50 high quality photos from a DSLR and famous California forests, not a single sale

Updates and changes ...

I like the recent changes l - the new icons and colors ... love the improvements ...

Turn its to Black please.

Turn to black please. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Old dark theme is nicer than new white. And all downloads are disappeared from the feed.

Updates on submissions

Thanks updated my review as I can now see updates on submissions


Very straightforward and easy to use

More work than it’s worth

After uploading, writing captions, keywording, etc. for a number of images they were all rejected not for image quality but because of the captions. In this instance, instead of giving the option to edit the caption the resubmit, the app forces a complete do-over. Besides being an experienced photographer, I am also a writer, and a QA Engineer, so I’m not sure what the problem was with the captions. I decided to no longer upload images rather than do so much work for pennies.

Does not pay

I feel like all I have been doing is up loading tons of pictures for the past few months and have not made a single dime. I have no clue what it consist of to make money of the pictures I up load. I will continue to use it till the end of the year and see if anything changes I will let know what happens.

Simple and Easy

Easy to upload my photos and submit for review. Get notifications when my context has been reviewed and am able to see clearly what was approved and what wasn’t.

Delete account

I began the registration to become a contributor however I am not comfortable with sending in a photo of my personal ID/passport. After finding the only way to deactivate my account was to go to the Contact Us page and having none of the links work this is my last step. :/ Why you actually need a picture of my photo ID with all of my personal information is a little risky. Makes me feel like it’s a scam. It may not be but I’m not taking the chance.

Very small payouts

We spend many thousands of dollars on equipment/travel/editing and uploading all for pennies in payouts...why do we do it???

Bruuuuuh it won’t let me log in

It will not allow me to log in , if tried a hundred times I’m starting to get irritated

Slow to Update

Latest photo sales don’t appear in timely fashion. Last sale that shows is days behind website. Needs a timely fix.

App no longer updates sales

Since the newest iOS update the app will not update sales and other information. Normally it’s a great app but it needs an update!

Very Easy To Use

This app has been great. Very easy to use and rock solid. I’m able to upload images in on my computer and add tags and titles when time permits using the app.


Awesome app, I’m very impressed with the speed of the uploading, reviewing, and decisions.


Easy to use

Fantastic tool I use it several times a day

I love this app.


Great app for contributor

More features please

Overall the app works without glitches and has an attractive overall appearance. I wish there were a way to see graphs of which photos are selling when without having to scroll through each month of sales.

It works fine, but. . .

The app is great for submitting new photos after I have uploaded from my desktop, and checking your activity, it is easy to use, it allows you to see your portfolio, but it does not allow you to make any changes in the portfolio, or add or delete keywords. I find it easer to use the app for submitting images.

Perfect app!👍👍😃

Perfect app!👍👍


I would probably enjoy this a lot more but for Shutterstock taking as long as they are in verifying my ID. Great app, but hard to use when you can’t upload stuff.

Easy to use, makes earning a breeze!

Simple to use app, easy to understand and navigate, also easy to see how your photos are doing and how much you’re earning. It’s actually fun to use!


I’ve had one image approved. Now that I’m attempting to submit the second image, it keeps refusing until my address is verified??

Great for uploads on the go

I went 4 stars only because the app is limited. Otherwise I am very satisfied! PRO: The huge advantage IS being able to upload while on the road. CON: Does not have all the options of the browser version.

Not great. Not terrible.

I only use this to review my sales and to put in the tags and other info prior to submitting if I haven't had a chance to do that from my computer. I always upload from my laptop, but then again, I don't upload pictures I took with my phone because they just aren't very good. I tend to use the app for quick reviews of sales and go through safari on my phone if I really want to see info on the go. The app is lacking and the full site has much richer content and is way easier to use. I still have the app and use it so that's why it gets three stars. If there was way more info and a better way to view your photos, sales, analytics, etc. then I would be pretty excited. Add more info please!


While it is more user friendly than other stock photography apps it is seriously lacking. You can not do much on the app. I would hope that in the future we could monitor our pending photos from the app. Also I wish we could manage our catalog from the app. It needs an update that allows us to do more on the app.

Location location location

Where is the world map that is on the desktop?



Kinda hard to get into..

I thought I was going to be able to point, shoot and upload on the go. I thought it would be fun. Apparently there are rules, regulations, approvals and standards. Also you need expensive cameras, computers and software to “clean-up” the photos to make them presentable. Obviously, iPhone 7+ doesn’t quite hit the mark.. I mean looking at the specs: 12 MP (f/1.8, 28mm, 1/3"), phase detection autofocus, OIS, quad-LED dual-tone flash, Geo-tagging, simultaneous 4K video and 8MP image recording, touch focus, face/smile detection, HDR (photo/panorama) 2160p@30fps, 1080p@30/60/120fps, 720p@240fps, 7 MP (f/2.2, 32mm), 1080p@30fps, 720p@240fps, face detection, HDR, panorama I would think my pics would be fairly competitive and be above par. Anyways, I guess I’ll have to upload 100 photos to find the perfect one. Ciao.

Easy to use on the go. I find I submit more mobile images using the app.

Love the app. Great for editing and tagging images on the go


Easy to upload. Easy to see sales.

Really great app

Super intuitive and easy to submit with and use overall.

Great App

Great Application. The best in the market.

Number one

Great app thus far!

Uploaded pictures are downgraded

So I’ve made several attempts to submit some pictures online and using this app. So far, all my pictures got rejected due to noise/grain, etc. I took the time to pull up the pictures that were uploaded and compared it to the original on my phone and computer. It appears that during the upload either the picture is compressed or converted to their proprietary format because the uploaded pictures are definitely not as crisp and clear and have more jaggies and “noise” then the originals. If this happens at upload then how in the heck is someone is even able to submit anything besides massive 10G or bigger sized files without being rejected? What a waste of time.


Love the app, wish it would have better notification

Way better than the website

As a new contributor I found the website somewhat cumbersome and difficult to use. This app makes it so easy to upload pictures photos and track my portfolio.

Mostly Great

The only issue I have is that the app freezes during uploads occasionally. Otherwise it's very user friendly, straightforward, and easy to use!

WorkED great....

Was working great but now won’t let me post photos from my phone.

Fast and convenient

A very convenient way to be able to upload on the go. The keyword suggestion AI works well.


Excellent App! Would live to be able ti Upload videos too, but so far so good!

Best Stock Contributor App

This is easy to use, seldom glitches, efficient and versatile. Great for tracking sales and submitting images. Seriously impressive contributor app.

Pointless - phone images never approved

Shooting with iPhone 7 plus. Only images I can get approved are taken with the professional SLR. Phone images are always disapproved citing the usual culprits of phone cameras, grainy (from the automatic ISO obviously). Review personnel are probably older/elderly in age with old fashioned points of view thinking stock images are still being used on paper billboards or posters where ISO artifacts still matter.

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